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HME360i™ is an inventory management and financial capture system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
to improve your cash collection accuracy and offer a digital footprint of possession.

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  • Security

    Secure your inventory from theft or loss

    Keep your inventory secure HME360i™. The system is able to track and monitor products from stocking to dispensing, while keeping products secure.

  • Tracking

    Track available stock and send re-orders

    HME360i™ will monitor par levels and automatically re-order products, which allows for maintenance of proper inventory levels as inventory is removed and assigned to patients.

  • Expenses

    Reduce expenses by off-loading costs

    HME360i™interfaces with your hospital’s existing platforms allowing the items removed from the monitored space to be assigned to the patient to whom they are dispensed. This information is stored and made available to the necessary hospital or DME provider for reporting, restocking and reimbursement purposes.

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